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18 August 1984
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always sunny in philadelphia, anne bonney, aoi nanase, arc the lad, asian kung-fu generation, attack of the show, auf der maur, b movies, baseball, bill murray, bonnie raitt, brandi carlisle, bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040, by a thread, cake, carnivals, catsuits, city of villains, collecting snow, collide, conan o'brien, cosplay, csi, cute panties, d.gray-man, dave attell, death cab for cutie, death from above 1979, demetri martin, digimon adventure, dog fashion disco, dot allison, dreamcast, elysian fields, eternal sunshine, eureka 7, fatal fury, final fantasy, garbage, geeking it up, george harrison, ghost hunters, ghostland observatory, goldfrapp, gravity kills, gundam seed, hats, hooverphonic, horror films, horrorpops, human waste project, imogen heap, irresponsible captain tylor, jack off jill, kidneythieves, king of bandit jing, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, late night coffee drinking, lolita no 18, louise post, lovestardeluxe, mass effect, mates of state, metric, midnight swimming, modest mouse, mortal kombat, mst3k, mugen no ryvius, murder city devils, naruto, nick swardson, nine inch nails, one piece, onimusha, otterpops, paz lenchantin, pete and pete, phantasy star, photography, pierrot, pink floyd, pirates, poe, porcelain and the tramps, portishead, project runway, psycho le cemu, queen adreena, radio iodine, radiohead, rainer maria, red sox, republica, robert miles, sailor moon, salute your shorts, samurai champloo, samurai showdown, scarves, scifi, scrapped princess, sealab, see-saw, shadow hearts, shaman king, shirley manson, skindive, sleater-kinney, snake river conspiracy, sneaker pimps, snow, socks, soul coughing, sporking, sports night, star trek tng, star wars, sunny day real estate, sunrise, sunset, super nintendo, tank girl, tapping the vein, tattoos, tetsu69, that dog, the beatles, the birthday massacre, the blood group, the killers, the little mermaid, the postal service, the uchiha boys, thestart, tom petty, traffic cones, true romance, vargas girls, velvet eden, venture brothers, venus hum, veruca salt, vixtrola, world of warcraft, x-men, xbox 360, yees, yoroiden samurai troopers

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