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I work early. And I should be in bed. But I've been slowly losing my mind over the past few months and tonight I think I've finally become ever so slightly unhinged. Maybe not ever so slightly. Oh well, what can you do? I digress. I haven't updated this thing, let alone even been online, at all recently. So, to keep my mind occupied for a small chunk of time, I'll summarize.

Murder City Devils. ♥
Veruca Salt: new album + show in Seattle next month = HAPPY.
Our house is cute. Photos soon.

And. Uh. I really thought I had more good things to talk about, guess not.

I bet I could write an essay on the negatives though, but I'll just leave it at this: I am heartbroken over Sleater-Kinney and I've become a lonely old hag. In a few weeks I'll be getting my first cat out of the many I'll collect over the rest of my life. I'm naming her Alabama.

Certain images, certain packages.. Certain images, bring me to my knees.
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