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Okay. I should be sleeping. I am not. So I decided to share photos with you all. F-U-N!

Some of the photos are smaller than others. I just realized this. It is because I'm retarded. Hah. Now then.

As some of you may know, there's this crazy Mentos/Diet Coke thing going around. I wanted on that bandwagon. My friends of course are being dragged along. Thus Susie and Damion in blue plastic KKK robes.

Me. Look at my rebellious orange ways, oh my!

Susie is an ass, for taking this photo of my ass.

My daughter-in-God. <3

Insert some witty 'freshmaker' joke here.

Why yes, I do have a little Captain in me.

Aftermath. There are no photos of the actual fountain, because.. I was the paper puller. Part Deux has a photo though, down yonder.

We may not be blood related, but I passed the retard down to her.

Robert went, OH EMO. I MISSED IT. ASSHOLES. So.. we went and bought more ammo.

My goggles are facesluts.

PART DEUX BEGINS. For the chilluns.

If you don't find this to be the cutest photo ever, you're an ass.

RESULTS. We have video and more photos somewhere.


Poor kid.

And now the night begins.

We all sit around the fire..

And sit..

Annnnnd sit.


Then all of a sudden we were ambushed by children. Who jacked my marshmallows. A chase ensued, believe me.


Not so cute. Oh man.

Susie went somewhere. So we replaced her with alcohol. Hi Susie.

No idea what Damion is doing. But okay.

Random Jager-fueled photo from a few weeks ago!

And another.

And another!


BUNNY! He lives in our driveway. Isn't he cute?

FIN. (Let's see if I can sleep now.)
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