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In the year 2010.. 03 18 2010 @ 01:19am
mood : nostalgic

Hey! It's time for my annual "post something useless to LJ then retreat back into the nothing!" post. :)

ps: I am around on facebook though. Come be my friend. I miss you all.

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double ewe tee eff. 03 16 2009 @ 11:23pm
mood : shocked

Well, hello livejournal! You old dog, what happened to you?

I was feeling nostalgic and taking a trip down memory lane, when I came to check up on my lj- just to find out there are now ads and an ass backwards new format?

This is a dark day.

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03 26 2008 @ 07:58am
mood : nostalgic

Holygoddamnalmightyboy. It's been a long time since I loved on my lj. I probably would never have gotten around to doing so either, had I not received a.. 'nudge' (crazy new journal technologies) from Mr. cowardlykitten darling. And so, this is my horrible attempt at an update.

Much has changed since I last posted. For example, my kitten which was once the size of your palm, is now big enough to go scavenging through my panty drawer. Go Bama go.

PANTY RAIDCollapse )

I digress from cats and undergarments though. I am going to do my oh so very best to come back to using this thing. I manage to check myspace atleast monthly, I think I can succeed here as well. Maybe. So wish me luck.


The end!!

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10 02 2006 @ 12:46pm
mood : giddy

I got to pick my baby cat up earlier than expected (she's been here a few days), so..

Meet Alabama!Collapse )

And, randomly The flag in our driveway.Collapse )

The end (but a gaggle of imagery is coming soon).

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09 24 2006 @ 12:32am
mood : discontent

I work early. And I should be in bed. But I've been slowly losing my mind over the past few months and tonight I think I've finally become ever so slightly unhinged. Maybe not ever so slightly. Oh well, what can you do? I digress. I haven't updated this thing, let alone even been online, at all recently. So, to keep my mind occupied for a small chunk of time, I'll summarize.

Murder City Devils. ♥
Veruca Salt: new album + show in Seattle next month = HAPPY.
Our house is cute. Photos soon.

And. Uh. I really thought I had more good things to talk about, guess not.

I bet I could write an essay on the negatives though, but I'll just leave it at this: I am heartbroken over Sleater-Kinney and I've become a lonely old hag. In a few weeks I'll be getting my first cat out of the many I'll collect over the rest of my life. I'm naming her Alabama.

Certain images, certain packages.. Certain images, bring me to my knees.

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08 01 2006 @ 04:21pm
mood : shocked

So, uh.. I haven't been online much, due to the fact that I'm moving. BUT!

I was checking myspace today, and apparently I'm up for vote as AotS's myspace girl of the week. Believe me, I was very shocked. That was probably the one time I didn't watch AotS, too. Maaaan. ANYWAY.

Everyone should go vote for me, so I don't lose real bad. <3<3<3 That'd kill my super small amount of self esteem, sad.

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06 23 2006 @ 01:24am
mood : awake

Okay. I should be sleeping. I am not. So I decided to share photos with you all. F-U-N!


FIN. (Let's see if I can sleep now.)

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03 23 2006 @ 02:01pm
mood : OMFG



Oh hey and now I need to head to Seattle. Sakura Con. ♥

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01 13 2006 @ 11:10pm
mood : dorky

So. I just bought Power Shovel off EBay. I know what you're thinking, so let me just say- Fuck you.

I blame Cinematech.

Anyone who has seen the clip though, you cannot tell me the song isn't awesome. Yes, I bought the game just because I like the song. And I want to be able to pick up turtles and curry for free!


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12 20 2005 @ 10:05pm
mood : hungry

Hello list of random events from the last few weeks!

- CFUDPNW meetup = glorious. I love you all so much. Seriously.

- New nickname. What, you ask? "Hippo Hips". I have the most loving friends.

- While bagging up wine for a lady I asked, "Do you want the wang double bagged?"

- I saw Jesse. Little Jesse. Aw. Such the nice boy, offering to come visit me at work on XMas.
(And I got to hear about his mighty chain of deflowerment. Precious.)

- I want a taco. Right now. Or chicken fries. Excuse me while I go get food yes.

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12 07 2005 @ 11:38pm
mood : hopeful

I know someone wants to go see Metric with me in March. Or maybe not, but you should.

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12 02 2005 @ 01:57am
mood : cold

Why hello snow!

Part of me hates you, for my poor little Taurus (even with snow tires!) cannot stand up to your PURE, MANLY STRENGTH.

But the rest of me loves you. SNOWSEXFTW.

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11 22 2005 @ 01:39am
mood : defeated

So, in the course of 2 days I went from knowing nearly nothing about Harry Potter to squealing over Weasley boys. AKA: Damion and I rented the first 3 movies, then went out tonight to see the 4th.

I tried so hard to resist, I really did, but.. THE POTTER! IT CALLS TO ME.

Next step- Library or bookstore.

[insert waving of white flag here]

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10 04 2005 @ 11:17pm
mood : cheerful

Pretty wigs for me! ♥

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10 03 2005 @ 09:39pm
mood : bored

Fun is:

When your cellphone is dead and you misplace it, so you can't call it.

Then a week later you find it in your car. *

You all wish you were as intelligent as I am, pssh.


( * And yet I am still too lazy to check my voicemail or text messages. Love me. )

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09 25 2005 @ 11:10am
mood : hopeful

I will sex up everyone of you who goes to vote for me on CosplayLab's Naruto contest.


And for those of you who don't know which one I am (whores), here:

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09 24 2005 @ 01:59am
mood : tired

Just saw:

NIN, Queens Of The Stone Age, Autolux. ♥

What better way to follow up a Garbage show is there? I am the happiest little clam in the world.

Alex, I totally would have thrown something at you had I seen you. Whore.

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09 19 2005 @ 12:20pm
mood :

Ahoy, me hearties!

Ye best be wearing your arrgyle socks.

Oh, and on a not so pirate note: ADVENT CHILDREN ~ FUCKING GLORIOUS.

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09 03 2005 @ 01:13am
mood : enthralled

Do you all know what I did today?

I finally saw Shirley in all of her live glory.

Yes, I actually managed to go to a Garbage show. <3

It was everything I thought it would be and more. I nearly cried, I kid you not.

And nothing, nothing compares to Shirley in hot pants. OH MY.

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Yoinked from aeromancy 08 30 2005 @ 07:14pm
mood : amused

Take your music player and set it on random and the song titles are the answers to the following questions...

Music MemeCollapse )

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